Why does this blog exist?

As you may know, I am working in IT-consultancy since the beginning of my professional career. In the beginning my tasks mainly consisted of delivery-projects - projects where I had to implement/deliver tasks, without much of a “consultancy”-aspect.
Over the years, both my field of activity and my professional interests have changed. Lately, I want to work more on the IT and software delivery process site of the industry.
Of course this also affects topics I think about. As an example, 5 years ago my interests were to learn something new about working with Selenium - a test automation tool. Nowadays my considerations are more abstract and tool-independent. Thoughts about why automation projects fail are conceptional topics and could refer to the whole industry, and not just my home turf - testing and QS.

My goal with this blog is to give those thoughts room to breathe, to get my ideas out of my system and maybe - from time to time - rant about the status quo.

What does this mean?

To prepare for this decision I started a small poll on LinkedIn, to get a feeling what topics are favoured on IT blogs. linkedIn Poll

Given, I only got a few responses, but my initial considerations were confirmed by my network.
I think, that there are enough - and better - sources for tool focused content like “Getting started”, “What’s new” content or tutorials. A good point to start for this kind of content is the blog of my employer (german) or my friend Daniel’s website.

With this in mind, I wanted to create a platform to write about more abstract topics. Mostly these will be lessons learned, success stories and testimonials as well as personal opinions and - hopefully at least a bit informed - essays.

This means the better part of content, that I will publish, will be detailed, in-depth topics. Coming up, considering and writing about those topics takes time. Also this website - as well as the whole server infrastructure - is a “hobby project” of mine. I don’t want to start a new career as content creator. 😁
Still I want to try to publish at least once per month. If you have any ideas you want me to discuss, if you have any feedback or if you want to collaborate on a joined topic, feel free to contact me via mail or DM me on LinkedIn.
If you want to have a look on my planned topics, you can have a look in my backlog.

Since I also work on some topics from within my companies publications, it is possible that some of my own ideas are discussed in a different blog. But all ideas, that were introduced from external sources (e.g. mail), I will publish here.


  • I will try to publish a new blog post once per month
  • The topics will mostly be personal ideas and discussions/views instead of tool-related content.